I think people are immersed in the environment and trivial things, so it's very difficult to see ourselves clearly. But everything outside changes, it never stops. What I really want to express is that no matter what the situation is, people must see themselves clearly and always reflect on themselves and don't be affected. Always know who you are, what kind of person you want to be, and what you really want to do. What we can do is to adapt to changes, to adapt to normal and abnormal situations, be calm, be positive all the time. And that's something I really want to express through my work.



Final Art

The Covid-19 broke out without any respite. We entered a lockdown of cities and transport. In such a short time, I experienced the prosperity of preparing for the New Year to the tensed and deserted atmosphere of the empty streets after the blockade.
Time is eternal, but my life is finite. How to spend my own time is a really worthwhile life journey. I was shocked by the scenes of empty cities. When I was locked down at home, I asked myself more than once that what I wanted to do in my life.
I have simplified the space with simple elements to make it simple and clear. I chose the mirror as a medium to help me see my situation clearly. The transparent human referred to the image of myself in the environment.

Artist statement

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