This is a smart jewelry machine whose main function is to let customers know more suitable jewelry for them. My inspiration comes from a feeling when my parents and I went to a jewelry store to buy jewelry. When faced with a dazzling array of jewelry, we had no way to start. The salesperson will also recommend them, but they are all superficial things, such as the hot items sold in the store, but I personally feel that every piece of jewelry created is a work of art, and it has their meaning. Want to be owned by the owner who likes them. At the beginning, I wanted to choose some younger-looking materials, considering the proportion of young people's consumption in the jewelry industry, but tested many models without success. In the end, mirror stainless steel, white soft film light box and gray acrylic were chosen. Research and innovation may continue on the combination of materials. No matter what type of jewelry space it is in, it is omnipotent and can be harmoniously integrated into different jewelry decoration spaces. Because many jewelry brands have their own characteristics in decoration, they want to do this. It needs further research.


The effect in black, white and gray space

Integrated together

Different effects, color matching, model, physical store and model fusion in black, white and gray space, and introduce them

Material application

Application of materials and display of physical materials


Some early research on intelligent machines

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