My way of living has changed in many ways, since the coronavirus. My current habits and hobbies, in fact, do not change or last in numerous respects. I am suffering from mental stress, such as depression, like anyone else in the Coronavirus era. Driven by my emotions, nonetheless, I reinterpreted one of my favourite interests, watching exhibits, and represented the current situation through my artwork. I assume the function of the artwork is to document and deliver the significance of the current historical moments. In those circumstances, I considered our way of experiencing exhibitions. The exhibition's conventional style focuses on personal activities but, since the Corona era, it focuses on interacting and connecting in digital exhibition spaces with many people. I do not tell which way is good because each of the pros and cons is very obvious, but it is a particularly helpful way for me to see online exhibits and extend my perspectives by exchanging opinions. What I want to say in this artwork is that if we do not escape the present situation, we need to approach life differently.

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