As a detail-oriented person who is fond of seeking inspiration from life, I often create my works based upon what I see and hear around to express my viewpoints and feelings. While the COVID-19 epidemic is sweeping the world, I am deeply moved by the selflessness of doctors who save patients. Therefore, aspiring to show respect for these medical workers through my work. My work employs the arrangement and gradient effect of some geometric figures as a metaphor for the fight between medical workers and the virus in the epidemic. I first studied the relationship between the gradient and overlay of the figures, fascinated with the different effects produced by the combination of these figures. Then I used the combination of geometric elements from deep to shallow to express the connotation of respect for the medical staff. In the research process, I explored the collage art, and utilized texture patterns and color features to collage images of medical care personnel. As a student, my job may not be challenging for others, but for me, it is a challenge over and over again. I am inclined to continuously improve myself during the process of exploring and creating various works. Different experiences in life provide me with opportunities for creation. I want to apply a wide range of materials combined with my observation and perception of life details into my creation, in a hope that the audience can feel the energy and connotation encompassed in my works when they see them.

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