I was inspired by the drastic emotional changes I had during this pandemic we’re currently in. This sudden pandemic has hugely impacted the world and ceased everything that was going on in everyone’s life. Seeing a sudden pause in my life during isolation, my state of mind has changed from calmness to intense terror & boredom, then striking loneliness and helplessness in this seemingly endless hardship, however to the growing independence from constant self-care and positivity for hope and care for others at the end. Most of these reflections came to me at midnight, where everything was dark and I was fully in my thoughts while lying down. That’s why I called this collection “‘blind’ in dark night”, where I was not blind, but actually immersed in my reflections which led to growth. For materials, I used orange red and dark blue acrylic to colour the lily flowers, which symbolise the blossom of my personal growth and I used white contact lens which represent “blindness”. The biggest thing I’ve learned and want to showcase through this is self-development, self-reflection and a positive mindset for both oneself and others, which has been inspiring for my life and hopefully, yours.







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