This project is called “After Sunset”, representing darkness and shadow, people's repressed emotions were released.and it encapsulates my observation of life during the lockdown. For example, I made this project in black image which represents the emotions I experienced during the lockdown, where I superimposed the elements of the virus to highlight the danger of covid-19. Furthermore, I included film elements in the photo to highlight the theme, in which I used a fisheye lens to connect to my iPhone which gave the picture a sense of distortion. I also included the exaggerated expressions from the body movements of the character by showing the anxiety, depression, distortion, and collapse of the individual in the photograph to show how they felt within long-term imprisonment. To add to this, I used some lens and visual angles to make the picture present a stronger visual impact, showing the emotions of the characters to convey my attitude to the audience.

After Sunset

About COVID-19

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