Imagine that the earth is just a tiny cell in the giant body, and the human being is tiny microorganisms on the cell. There is another universe in the human body......Will this cycle go to an end? The world where time is still is the end of the cycle, or maybe the end of the world. My new normal project was researching the connection between human tissue and nature. I made two attempts based on this theme. The first work is named Spring tides, and the second is Rose. I saw some microscopic photos before. They brought me into a new world, a new planet. Those photos inspire me that maybe the universe is the body of a giant. After that, I tried to find a connection between the human body and nature. And I made those scenes like not only landscapes but also human tissues. I believe that if the balance of natural order is destroyed, people will suffer. Similarly, if the balance of the human body is destroyed, cells will die and people will get sick. My first work Spring Tides bases on the outbreak of COVID-19. It is a natural balance which is destroyed. And this destroyed balance will lead to that the human body's balance is destroyed too. Therefore, there are two conceptions in my project. In the first one, the event happened in the human body. The sea stands for COVID-19, the desert stands for skin, and the trees stand for blood vessels. In the second one, the event took place on Earth. There is a spring tide which represents COVID-19. Here trees stand for people who support the desert which is a symbol of predicament, especially the side of this forest, which is confronting the dangerous, such as a doctor, nurse. The reason why I named this work 'spring tide' is because the outbreak of CPVID-19 is a big event in which everyone is being influenced. It is like the spring tide. My second work Rose is a clay sculpture´╝îit is like not only a rose but also a heart. When I look at the structure of the heart, it always reminds me of a rose, because the heart has 4 rooms.

Spring Tide

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