Mask & Protection

Be safe

This new Normal project is about COVID-19. Before the outbreak, we were not in the habit of wearing masks outside. But to prevent the spread of the epidemic, masks must be worn outside. Police need to wear masks on duty, Courier, delivery men also wear masks during work. Wearing masks become a normal thing.

In this project, the main material is the gauze mask and rubber tubing. Rubber tube is used to replace the infusion tube. It's meant to convey that if you don't take personal precautions, the infusion tube will surround you.
I cut out the middle part of the mask, leaving a layer of mesh there, and threaded the tube through.The elastic cord on the right side of the mask is also replaced by a rubber tube. After I finished the sample, I started to think about color. I chose blue because blue gives people a sense of calm and reason, also can show the doctor's calmness. Then, I used dark blue and light blue respectively to try to dye the sample of gauze mask blue. After two hours, took out the samples and found that light blue was easier to color. So decided to dye the mask with light blue. After the dyed masks are dried in the sun, the rubber pipes are inserted to complete the project.

This project is to express that life is precious. Do not wear a mask during an epidemic, there is a risk of infection. We should cherish our life.

Mask & Protection

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