The outbreak has made an enormous difference to our lives. As an art student, living in the epidemic area has given me a strong desire to create. During this period, I experienced an unforgettable "14-day security isolation," so the New Normal Project is designing around my real feelings during the quarantine. I used a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to art. The primary expression of "Islet" is the combination of installation and photographic media. I think installation works reflect the real environment I am in, while photography extends my emotions. Sensitivity and emotion are apparent characteristics of my personality. I will actively record my emotional changes and state and integrate my current experience into my future creation. This work is no exception. I try to give this work the feeling of loneliness and the strong desire for freedom in the isolation period. Anxiety and insecurity were prevalent among people during the epidemic period, so I hope this work can resonate with people.

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