Due to the situation that COVID-19 has invaded the world in a short period of time. And people have to create and adapt in this ‘NEW NORMAL’. But creating artworks is able to help people by giving spirit food. ‘The original beauty of the world is the strongest and most eternal things, no matter what happens’. One of the most intuitive changes of people is that their journey has been canceled in this special situation and relationship between many different countries has been deteriorate. Net citizens was starting expressing negative opinions about people who are foreign or going abroad strongly on the internet. These negative opinions has brought stigma and bias to these groups of people. I realize that it is important to stay sane , awake and united especially when disaster strikes suddenly. The best way to fight against this disaster is to cooperate and looking for the solutions together instead of passing buck to others or refusing to face the reality . And these are creative garments which combine views of different regions to relieve these problem. The technique was used were reconstruction and digital collage editing on Photoshop. It brought infinite possibles to the developments of designing. The pictures’ mode is the mode ‘Multiply’ of layers so each buildings could display well and any buildings would not be covered by others . I have changed their tones and primary-color of these buildings. It’s reconstruction of geometric lines of different regions’ buildings. Overlapping, blending and extending, they represented a spirit that we found and appreciated in this special period of time. It’s illustrating a united world in a new way. Finally it was putted on human bodies. But it is not the end of this project. What can we do for the infinite outcome? It might be the protective clothing or masks on the front line of combating COVID-19.




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