Hollow Mikio wants to tell people with depression that they are brave and more like warriors than ordinary people. My inspiration comes from a Japanese movie called "my husband has depression", and this final outcome is for Mikio, the hero in the movie. In order to hope that the play and their design can have a new interpretation, I want to use the traditional Japanese drama Kyogen combined with silent drama. In the early stage of the movie, Mikio, as an employee of the company, needs to wear a neat suit every day. In order to make the changed clothes connect with the film, I added the elements of suit and shirt collar to the traditional Kyogen clothing. In the movie, Mikio's clothes are mostly black and white in the early stage of depression. In addition, for Mikio suffering from depression, the world in his eyes is like black and white, so I only choose black and white as the color of clothes. At the same time, I change his shoulder coat into an empty frame, representing Mikio's empty inner world. For the sick Mikio, depression is like a framework around him, blocking his perception of the outside world. And I made Mikio a transparent headgear. I think that for depression patients, transparent headgear is like a transparent box, so that patients can see the outside world but can not have any feelings. Bad mood is like an unhappy mouth and a blush like a blush. It will always be wrapped around MIKIO. Even so, MIKIO will still go to work like a normal person. At the same time, I also use twisted spectacle frames to represent Mikio's bad mood. This work hopes to let the masses and the patients with depression know that the patients with depression are actually brave soldiers. At the same time, I also hope to tell people who have family members or friends suffering from depression. They prefer to be accompanied by friends and family members rather than comforting or paying too much attention to the illness.

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