The COVID-19 like a child accidentally disassembled our social cube. And give us time, help us to reshape ourselves. But after the condition is controlled, The society created by ourselves, intentionally or unintentionally, delicate and skillful recover the cube into original appearance.

We cannot go out.
I haven’t visited my grandparent for several months.
Someone is dying somewhere.
Someone losing his/her job.
I didn’t have income for several months.
I'm going to face bankruptcy.
Loneness and sadness are surrounding us.
The number is still rising.
The only thing we can do is staying at home.
The COVID-19 was a monster.
The virus is a destroyer.

We got enough time to enjoy our private life.
Put the phone aside
No need to perform like a well-mannered adult.
No need to get up early.
No need to revisit the suck PPT.
No need to eat the unhealthy working lunch.
No need to greet the ‘important’ leader.
I got my freedom, my dream life.
The virus is a dream maker.

If the condition turned to the original,
I will spend more time with my boy, my girl.
The family is the first in my life.
I cannot wait to tell her what I wanted.
I'm so sad why I quarrel with him.
I swear to god I will change my temper.
I swear to god I will make my life meaningful.
What is the meaning of work?
What is the meaning of family?
What is life, what is death?

The crisis condition under control.
Oh! hi~ So nice to see you again.
My dear, emm…
My dear, I will be working late, cannot catch the dinner.
Why you can't even do this.
Mom, I wouldn’t be home this weekend.
I didn’t want to talk with this idiot.
Leave me alone, please.

Where is your promise?
Where are the self-introspections?
Human beings are good at forgetting.

Our Voice-over


Cube - The original organized society


Child-The COVID-19 breaked the cube


During Lockdown , The virus help us to think




We are sharing the feeling


Be close to others


What is that?


Seems like we've learned how to love


Love Ourselves and Others


After the condition under control, Forgot it.


Who manipulated us?


The well-organized society

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