My project is an animation about star-chasing. Its name is called ‘Transmit’. Because of the impact of COVID-19, I stayed at home for most of the time. As a result,I had a lot of time to enjoy something,such as making handmade works,shopping online,watching a lot of of variety shows,and stuff like what. When I did those things , I feel different emotions, like being happy,sad,funny,love. Among these emotions, the most different emotion for me started from a variety show, Youth With You 2. Youth with you 2 is a show where audiences vote to select the last nine girls to make their debut from 109. While watching the program, I fell in love with one of the contestants, Lu Keran. It is a completely new experience for me because I had never imagined I would be so into an idol. I want to make an animation, with some abstract storyboards to record and present my new daily life in this period of time. I think animation can convey more emotions than a single painting, so I choose the form of animation. I think this project is still not mature. When I have time, I will enrich its content, present my mental journey from more aspects, and convey happy emotions.I think that during the period when the COVID-19 was very serious, although there were inconveniences in life, there were also some happy things. For example, we know more about our parents. And because there are fewer flights and trains, and the environment has also got better. I think happiness is more difficult to convey than pain, because happiness is diverse , everyone is moved by different points, and the pursuit of stars is also very personal. During this period of time, I have a lot of energy to do everything related to Lu Keran. Maybe you would not understand my passion about an idol. But I still hope to share my happiness and let everyone think of some scattered things in this period of time that might have been overlooked.


the new normal 2020


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