Novel Coronavirus - New Normal Shiyu Zhan 21/09/2020  In 2020, a virus swept across the earth. People's way of life has changed, the original crowded streets become empty, lively shopping malls have become deserted. For this phenomenon, many people think from different angles and inspire me. Perhaps most people will feel a depressed, negative feeling when they see the word virus. Yes, viruses do bring bad luck, but when I saw the subject, I had a lot of bright colors in my head, some powerful contrasting colors. This new coronavirus has brought great impact and inconvenience to our lives, so I want to express some of my feelings about this outbreak through some microscopic or even abstract angles. In my project I used a 2d approach to performance, and a 3d experiment to simulate some feelings with some material. I use clay and a series of illustrations as the output of my mind, and the elements of these "eyes" in black-and-white illustrations are like we're wearing masks, and only the eyes can perceive the world, highlighting this with one eye. As a student, I have a lot to improve on this project, and the singleness and performance of this program can be more diverse. All in all, I'm making progress on every project, and this time it's the same. This project gave me more thought in the context of the outburst, in my own project, constantly overturning my previous ideas, thus having better ideas, in illustration, graphic aspects I began to find my own style, and gradually make it more diverse, not just one form of constraint. Each element in the illustration represents a reflection on the outbreak, and you can view my work for the exploration and transformation of viral forms.


I use clay wrapped in the hands, there will be an impermeable, very uncomfortable feeling, I feel very much like nurses wearing protective clothing to take care of patients, so I recorded it.




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