I am making a series of nightgowns for people to live more relaxed and comfortable lives during this uncertain period. I felt strong anxiety during the epidemic, which is also commonly shared by people nowadays. Then I discovered Zen while trying to relieve my anxiety. After studying, I found it easier to control my emotions and focus more. I hope to apply ancient Eastern philosophy to contemporary life through design, and let more people experience this relaxed and simple life and pay more attention to their own feelings. In the process of transforming these concepts, I chose folds, replacing the traditional clothing structure with the folds naturally formed when the human body moves, making the clothing more shapeless and difficult to define, and finally reaching the greatest degree of enwrap for the human body shape. Rather than exploring serious religions, I want to combine Zen thought with contemporary life through my understanding and design to help people live a better life. I hope that my design starts with my cultural background and emotions and sincerely expresses myself in my works.

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