My work name is Help Among People. The theme of my work is to praise people who help others in difficulties. I hope my work can give people power and let more people join in the group of helping others. When I choose what I want to make, I have one key point which is traditional comics, scroll comics and animation. Traditional comics can bring a better reading experience. They are more suitable for reading in a book or on a computer. Traditional comics are still the main way to read comics. Scrolls are better for reading on mobile phones, but not on computers. At the same time, it is more popular among those who don't have free time to read, because it doesn't need too much time, people can read at any time, the animation can be watched on mobile phones or computers, but not on paper. Although I am very satisfied with animation, I think it is necessary to find the way that is most acceptable to people. I chose scroll comics and the data shows that more people read it than traditional. I had a problem when making my work. I found that my work needed a lot of words to express my ideas. I wanted to make a photo that could tell a story. Therefore, I referred to the works of some cartoonists and found that some artists could express their ideas without words, so I learned to express stories with exaggerated actions. The reason about I do this work is that I read about people who help others in difficult times, I think these helping others very much, only a few people started helping others, and someone put their stories published on the weibo, they helping others more and more, people are becoming more and more willing to help others and published on twitter. I want to express in my works is that the spark can start a prairie fire. People can pass on this spirit to each other and help more people. When some people see others taking actions, they will have the courage to help others.

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