I am a womenswear designer, and my images are all about my projects during lockdown. My work is called the salvation and sound, and I explore the relationship between people’s emotions of stay-at-home and their emotions when they are hearing sound present during the pandemic. I usually use body language and painting skills to visualize my thoughts to express emotions. For me, fabric design in womenswear is a wonderful way to convey my ideas. Through the fabric, viewers can feel my attitude and find resonance in my project. I made several visual pictures and some fabrics with prints, which showed the people‘s feelings during the epidemic. For me, the sound which I found at that time inspired me. In that period, people’s emotions are divided into two stages. The first stage is anxiety. I used exaggerated body language and sound waves illusion to represent them. The second stage is relaxation. People are not forced to stay in enclosed space, and they can experience all the different sound information from the outside world.

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