This book can show 30% of me. Because my art work always heavy, so I make a book to take away; I had never collaborated with other people, so I chose to create a second time in the artist's book; there are many blanks in Kawakubo’s book, so I choose her; the new coronavirus I can’t go to the UK, so I use the materials I collected in the UK last year; I have dyslexia, I use drawing to record life. Maybe you think my mind are too simple and stop the denotation, maybe you will feel messy, confused, or have no idea. Yes! This book is me. Life is crazy and unrepeatable, I put everything around me. Does the artist have to make a label of themself, find a form of artistic expression that is consistent, and then make all his works around this style? No, I want to be an artist without boundaries, labels, connotations, and thoughts.

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