I want to study and explore the roots of human ontology. Some times do you ask yourself what is my being? Where am I from? What does the body mean to yourself? If life is a journey, what answer do you want to give to your life? Perhaps, I thought, to lift our souls to a higher dimension.      We live in a world with numerous constraints that are from government, from morality, from law, from family and ethics... But when we get out of three-dimensions , rules are no longer rules. For example, the world we live in is a game designed by God, where we are caged in. and we're just the characters in the prescribed context.  Whereas, when we get out of the game our mind will be free.  Based on what I researched during the pandemic, COVID-19 is the manifestation of human being's collective karma which caused by focusing too much on the physical and monetary system. The key to solving the issue is to make the majority of us realiz how crucial your consciousness is rather than the physical body. I created this handmade artwork to remind others of the importance of consciousness, or our mind and soul. It's how we can create a better world when we focus on the spiritual world instead of material one, thus achieving spiritual transcendence together. 

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