GREEEEEN HOUSE is a drawing cooperative project that I created based on the New Normal brief. I was inspired by the growing grass in the dormitory after such a long time staying at home. Therefore, I envision a world in which growing plants becomes the new normal. Or even further, the plants take control of the house and humans live in flowerpots. I used black and white, geometric and artificial shapes to create the human figure on the computer which shows a sense of rules. Then I drew on it with oil pastels which shows a rough and natural texture to break the human rules. After that, I invited some friends to join in this project to show what they think of the relations between human and plants could be in this world, especially during the Covid-19 time.

Immerse by He Jinghan

'At first, I drew a lot of plants that filled the entire canvas to show human are tiny in contrast to mother nature. And then I added many silhouette of tropical plants around the canvas, and this gives audience a sense of immersion in a mysterious and ancient rainforest.'

Shade Depths by Siying Qin

‘I was in the cool vines, as in the deep, where the sun shone outside, but I feared the naked challenge of the searing light more than the darkness of the deep.’

Venus Flytrap by Jet Lee

‘I really appreciate what the project introduction said: “the occupation of the painting by the oil pastel also represents the occupation of the space by the plants”; consequently, I thought that why not just use the oil pastel to cover the entire space at first. Regarding the content of the drawing, I chose to use the method of scraping instead of painting because I think this can create a kind of confrontation. I also want to think about the problem from another angle. Space originally occupied by oil paintings slowly began to have people and plants.’

Vine by Chrissy

‘I chose vine as the theme element in this painting, and green as the main color. In order to create a sense of tension and depression surrounded by the environment during the pandemic, I drew an enlarged vine leaf in the lower left corner, which looks like the fear is spreading to the small person in the middle.’

Megalophobia by HLY

‘People are often fear of something much bigger than themselves. When the massive leaf fill the entire room, the fear here is growing like veins and out of control.’

Wheat Field by Lantern

‘I love the wheat field which reminds me of countryside and golden sea.’

Sunflower by Xiao Zhang

‘I was inspired by the watching relation between human and flowers. Usually people watch flowers, but I reversed the situation in this drawing - flowers are watching the person. The power is now on their side.’

Lawn by Xiao Zhang

‘I want this drawing looks just as relaxing as sitting in the middle of the lawn, so I chose this two light colors. And I cut a piece of paper to make a mask, then put the printed copy under the mask and drew with oil pastels from the top. When I removed the mask, the zigzag outline of the grass was left.’

Peach Bloddom Spring by Angela

‘I want to show a dream when I was staying at home under this pandemic situation. I dreamed that I go to prairie and run freely there. I drew a very dreamy scene and mainly paint in the way of art stippling to express the feeling of a fantasy, Just like the ancient Chinese story - "Peach Blossom Garden". I can visit and hang out freely in an beautiful isolated place.’

Cactus by Xiao Zhang

‘I try to show a dangerous vibe between human and plants: Cacti filled the house, and the human huddled in the center could hardly breathe.’

Bellflower by Liang Chao

‘I used bellflower as the main element in this work. Because bellflower implies gentleness, strength, and it also represents jealousy on the negative side.’

Poisonous Mushroom by Siying Qin

‘I saw the spirit waving at me, taking me to spin again and again. Finally, I could not bear the spirit's warm hospitality. The world began to spin and I fell into a dizzy state.’

Invade by HLY

‘I used a cold blue color to create a tense and helpless atmosphere. The lines from the outside represent the space that the person has is shrinking.’

Delphinium Grandiflorum by Yuyi Liu

‘The reason why I chose blue Delphinium grandiflorum is not only I like blue color, but also it stands for hesitation. And I want to express something that’s been bothering me lately. The flower in the middle wraps the person inside and forms a comfort zone. The person in it is hesitating whether to break through or to stay still, as he hasn't challenged himself for too long.’

Congcong's Rainbow by Eam Bolyn

‘A child named Congcong likes rainbows, so he opens the box of spring, the red flowers, green leaves and the blue sky pop out immediately, and these colors become a rainbow. Congcong is very happy, he can now walk in the rainbow.’

Savage Growth by Ray

‘I used some bright colors of oil pastels to color the background, and I used the black one to cover on it. Then I used a knife to scrape and rub the black surface to create textures and draw patterns. I drew the flowers this way to make them look also like fireworks to remind people: No matter human or plants can only be a flash in the pan, unless respect the nature enough.’

The Anemone's Gaze by Haoyue Sun

‘I got the inspiration from the center of anemone which looks like the human eye. In this drawing, I intend to create a feeling of being watched. So I drew these two flowers represent a threatening object which hiding in the dark that makes people uncomfortable.’

Partitive Vine by Kaifang Zheng

‘The three different colors I chose represent three sides of people: orange represents the extreme of extroversion and impulsiveness, green represents calmness and neutrality, and blue represents the quiet but depressed another extreme. Everyone has these three sides. The concept of space shows that everyone's character, behavior, emotion, etc. are all three-dimensional. You can't judge a person unilaterally. The vines at the end are dyed by other colors, which means that these three aspects are not opposite or isolated, but will be influenced by each other.’

Hornwort by Jennifer Hou

‘I have been staying at home for many months due to the COVID-19. It is strange to stay at home all the time. I feel like a goldfish in a fish tank, swimming around in a limited space. When it comes to the the goldfish, I thought of the hornwort which people often put in the fish tank. So an idea came to my mind: Hornworts keep humans at home like pets!’

Balcony Flower by Xiao Zhang

‘My mum started planting flowers when isolation began. It’s kind of a new normal at my home. I was inspired by the flowers she grows in the balcony, and I tried to draw them follow the style she might like.’

Flowers House by Jason (6 years old)

‘Flowers occupy the whole picture, and they make the house beautiful. The person lives in it just like the seeds of flowers.’

When Cherries Have Enough Income to Buy a Human by Shi Yuanxi

‘Cherry is a kind of nice fruit, and it can be found in shops around the world. However, when the cherry took on a new name in China, its value skyrocketed. Yes, that's the Chē Lí Zǐ. The Chē Lí Zǐ is such an expensive fruit in Chinese markets, that’s why some people regard the ability to buy Chē Lí Zǐ at will as a measure of income. But the fun fact is the Chē Lí Zǐ is just a myth created by growers and sellers. Many people still don’t believe that Chē Lí Zǐ and the cherry are the same fruit, as they do not dare to admit that they had been deceived by the cherry for so many years.’

Venus Flytrap by Yuechen Zheng

‘The color of this plant is very warm and its appearance is full of aggression. When I was painting this painting, I tried to find a suitable angle and color to express its enthusiasm and danger. I decided to look down at it as when we were looking down at it, it might have launched an offensive.’

Yellow Wildflower by Azure

‘Yellow wildflowers are the most common flowers you can see on the roadside. As an object to be viewed, yellow wildflowers are usually abstracted and then appear in front of people as a decorative pattern. In this picture, there are three groups of yellow wildflowers. The one near the character is a completely flat pattern, and the group away from the character is gradually three-dimensional. Just like the transformation of the identities between humans and plants discussed in this project, wildflowers get rid of their stared identities and surround humans.’

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