When I created this work, I first thought of rain, because rain often brings me some emotional clues. This has been the most special year for everyone, with the outbreak and it spread at the same that China experienced a long rainy season. The rain has become the witness of human disaster. The rain expresses every story, looks at people's grief, their joy, separation and resistance. On rainy days, I often feel the sound of raindrops falling just like people's sighs, telling stories silently. So, I want to make a monument with raindrops to commemorate the stories of the disaster and the brave people who fought against it. This work is a conceptual sculpture, made and rendered by computer modeling, and finally made into some posters. I want this work to commemorate what people have lost and the unforgettable 2020 in the rain. The work as a whole wants to show the shape of raindrops and the outline of the monument. In addition, I incorporated some photographs of the epidemic into the monument, to express the theme of the work in a specific and conceptual way.

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