I’ve always wanted to build a birdhouse for the birds, Because in summer sometimes the pigeons spend the night on top of the bay window, I hope the sparrows could stay here too, I like observing birds not only birdwatching, I like to observe their behaviours, I have seen sparrows living in holes in the wall and in pole of some tall traffic signs, I have seen the sparrows live in between the brick walls of the Forbidden City or in the buildings where people live there are places to put the machines of air-conditioners, sparrows lives there, when Some people want to put the machine in there and they found the sparrows live there so that’s a problem. In The Temple of Heaven Park, I have seen many sparrow families built their nests under the roof of traditional Chinese corridor in the park and feeding their offspring. Birds are natural architects and they find good places, they inspired me.During the lockdown, I have been feeding the birds from my window, It is not a balcony, people cannot go out, there is a shallow pool shape under the bay window of bathroom attached to the ceiling to floor window of the living room, through the bay window, I put millet and rice in the pool and birds came to eat, when it was windy I put the food in the bowl with a handlebar and string it, So if the wind blew it off I can pull it up. I wanted to build a birdhouse mostly because I like to see them, I’m always so pleasingly surprisingly thrilled to see them ,I like hearing them talk, hearing them calling other birds to come to eat, to make the birdhouse I have two consider the weather here, Beijing is windy in about every season, in summer we usually have storm rain that the wind blows the rain through the window, o put the birdhouse outside, I had to consider the space is very limited and I do not want to let it fell down the building, it must be very steady and near the wall. I wanted to add this to the stage, I witness this like a audience, stage outside my window. I wish I had a open balcony, but the north of China is not usually suitable to have them, too windy. My birdhouse looks like a big box with an arm that is a small box as entrance corridor, every sides are wrapped with yarns to make it firm, I was thinking how to build it while building it, The wood board is half a centimetre thick and was hard to cut perfectly, So I just use the wood board as the largest area that’s the roof and the floors. Facing the entrance, jump into it, go left because the entrance hole is on the left side, jump through the corridor it is a duplex house of 2 big rooms, I drilled some little holes on the walls to let them breathe. When I build it I could not use nails, so I glued them and use type to hold them while letting it dry. The next day, the small rooms of little pets I bought arrived, I sticked it on the main body that attached the 2 holes of the 2 boxes so it protects from the wind, then I did not know what to do and walk around, I saw some yarn on the shelf, I thought why not wrap all the sides with it, the yarns would certainly hold the birdhouse of wood board, so it won’t collapse, I used 13 balls of yarns to round them very tightly while wearing a rubber finger glove to protect my hand, beige white, blue and green are the colour of the blue morning glory I grew. I drilled 2 holes with a nail and hammer then polish them bigger with polish metal sticks to put the hooks in, but when I tried to hang them outside it was longer than the space, so I drilled 2 holes on another side and it was perfect to put there, I led half of my body through out the window while holding the window with my right hand. The morning glory is next to the birdhouse, I started to grow them in the beginning o

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