With the development of the epidemic, the use of masks has gone through a stage of "basically providing patients with masks", "all staff wear masks for epidemic prevention" and "masks have gradually become an essential part of life". Now, some young people see masks as a new kind of facial decoration. My illustration works show "the connection between masks and the source of epidemic infection" in the early days, hoping to warn people "To advise people not to eat wild animals" and "Wild animals are not supplements, sometimes they are even poisons". And the later stage, "Masks have become a part of people's life", showing that people wear masks all the time in life. And up to now, "masks have become a new kind of facial decoration", showing the attitude of young people towards masks through "mask chain" and the pattern of masks.

Bat and Mask

In this picture, I echo the bat with its outstretched wings with the mask. The action of people eating bats is the same as the action after wearing the mask, warning people that "if you eat wild animals, you will harm, even kill yourself".

On the street

Masks have become a part of people's life.

At the breakfast shop

Masks have become a part of people's life.

Mask -- the new facial accessory

Masks have become a new facial accessory for young people.

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