The project was inspired by the emotions I felt when I was isolated as if in a “cage”. These different emotions (loneliness, anxiety, fear, pessimism) were hybridised together in this work to convey a sense of doom. I chose the most common elements (windows and a chair) in my home which figured prominently in my isolated life. In addition, I also used steel wires to show the sense of limitation, and the plants around the chair are an expression of hope. This means that while my ‘new normal’ is frustrating, there is hope around me. Finally, I chose the projector as the main light source to finish the final stage effect. And therefore, it is because the projector has a sort of bluish and pale white, they are just like empty of life. Through this work, I hope to express there are still some shoots of hope trying to grow in the ‘new normal’.

Doomsday Scenario-cover

Doomsday Scenario-inspiration

Doomsday Scenario-inspiration

Doomsday Scenario-making process

Doomsday Scenario-final look

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