Metaphor and contrast are the core expressions in this video. Being in London, I used the jade from my hometown to show my homesickness and used the scene behind the jade as a metaphor for the epidemic times we live in and the emotions I felt during this time. In my video you will see, the person who is painting is my father. It is really important to me and it represents my longing for my family and hometown. About details of the videoļ¼Œthis work is full of metaphorical forms. For example, the whistle and rapid driving of the train broke previous calm state of life. Comparing the changes of the mountain is a metaphor for the comparison of my live before and after. During the epidemic, I felt lost and regretful, so I added these emotions into video production. The emotion of the video is miserable. Overall, I think this experimental video fully expresses my emotions. Although it is obscure in terms of metaphors, the analysis of its implicit meaning has given me a groundbreaking improvement in pictures and sound effects.

Hometown of Jade

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