The project is a short video to express emotions based on independent thinking at home alone during the Coronavirus period, combined with psychological knowledge of loneliness, namely ‘Group Consciousness’ and ‘Individual Loneliness’.We have friends, parents, husbands or meet all kinds of people in our life, and we will have all kinds of emotions, but we are still one person. We will face the aging of parents, the death of relatives and friends, and finally leave the world by ourselves, Such as the book always mentions the word "individual", it can be understood that it is everyone, and it can also be understood as a group. For instance, the marchers, they are a group, but each person is dominated by the group consciousness and is also a lonely person. So, I found a lot of video elements and mixed them together to express that if loneliness is normal for everyone, then enjoying loneliness is a new normal. I explore these feelings, and I want to express that "Enjoy" is not only cheerful, but this enjoyment is also more like an experience, self-discipline, and freedom. It contains any good or bad experience or feeling, therefore,I write this sentence “Experience new journey on yourself,” In this sentence, the first letter of each word is “Enjoy”. I choose this is to map this feeling to everyone,include you. To learn” enjoy alone”,to learn to do you want to do. Because you are an individual and you only live once

Enjoy Alone

#NewNormal# 2020

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