The world is not what we see. Sometimes what the eyes see may not be true, and what the eyes cannot see may not necessarily be non-existent. It is precise because there are various organisms that make up the world we live in, and there are boundaries between each species, so we should not try to challenge anything unknown. In this post-epidemic era, people should take up weapons to protect our own lives. The emergence of a virus is to alert people. So for the time being, without asking where it came from, what someone can do is better protect themselves. Because some people refuse to use masks and other protective products, there are internal and external reasons, so as an artist, what I can do is to express the shape of the virus in an artistic way, that fission, breeding, and reproduction. , And their exaggerated colours, combined with masks and other products in my way, thus becoming an independent installation. There is a boundary between humans and viruses. Correctly handle this boundary, treat this boundary rationally, and do not try to challenge these boundary-encourage people to take the initiative to use protective equipment to protect themselves in this strange era.

protective suit

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