This is a reflection on social distance. Using product design as a connection, reflect on whether we have psychological distance due to physical isolation. In the new normal , the whole society is emphasizing safe distance and isolation . But do we really need"safe loneliness"? Some people seeking hugs on the street to eliminate discrimination. And People will embrace others, including their loved, relative, under protective measures. Our need for hugs is the inspiration for this design. The material of the work is wire and soft plastic. The hands at each end of the clip represent a person's arm, and the user can bend the product to achieve the effect of the clip. When this product is not in use, it is useless. It represents social isolation can hurt us. You can visually see the state of the hug when it is used. I think the physical distance will make people unknowingly open the psychological distance and form a solitary psychological environment. I tried to used the product to arouse people's attention and reflection on this situation and reflect on their own behavior and psychological state.



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