2020 is an "extraordinary" year for the entire world, and all mankind is facing some challenges and changes. Although we still live our daily lives, some new daily activities are also quietly going on. As a student studying narrative environment and space design, when we talked about the “new normal”, I tried to use this project to record and compare people’s home living conditions during the epidemic, and to record people’s behavioral trajectory changes as a starting point. The behavioral changes, and finally through the perspective of aesthetic design, these changes are displayed in a linear manner, and then a spatial trajectory model is constructed through C4D software. The significance of this project is not only to produce a simple behavioral trajectory model to record our "new normal" during the pandemic but also to explore the relationship between space and people. Through this project, everyone can think about the meaning of space to us. Whether space will not only affect human behavior but also human emotions and needs will affect behavior and affect space accordingly.

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