When the epidemic started, many quarantine tents had been set up in stations, airports , and even in every community across the country, to provide temporary isolation and virus detection. They are simple with uniform specifications and materials. But in many cases, such a structure on street will bring people more fear and insecurity, which is why I want to study The relationship between personal space,security and privacy. During the Special period, each of us had more time to be alone. It's a stark contrast to what life was like before. I want to carry out this project based on the comparison of such living conditions, the change of mentality, and the analysis and application of the quarantine tents structure. I use some tent parts and daily products for collage creation. I try to combine these elements with the structure of clothing to create a collection of clothing installation art. Finally,I think this is the end of a phase, not the end of the project. I will take it as a long-term project, do more in-depth research and combine it with my own discipline. I believe there will be more interesting works in the future.

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