I am a person who likes to observe life and is full of curiosity about people and things. At the same time, these observations also affect my thinking about creation. The concept of social distancing has appeared in the lives of the general public before the Covid-19 pandemic, but now many people cannot accept or even resist this policy. To some extent, I think the purpose of maintaining social distancing itself is not a problem. However, when information is placed in the space and people's freedom begins to be restricted, the sense of resistance begins to appear. Resistance to loneliness, resistance to distance, resistance to restriction. In the study of narrative environment, space can change people's emotional, thoughts and even physical. At present, I can't change these space restrictions alone, so the purpose of creating such a set of illustrations is to encourage people to put aside the shackles of these spaces and touch each other bravely, and don't forget to protect themselves. This creative process also reminded me that when I am a space designer, I should think more about the real meaning of space to people, especially in some sensitive contexts.





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