We all know that COVID-19 has changed a lot of rules and is replaced by the new ones. For example, people including me never wore face masks before the epidemic, but now face masks have become a necessity in daily life. That means wearing a face mask outside will become a New Normal in the next few years. So I wanted to create a mask based on the COVID-19 background. I find there are many interesting statues on Easter Island. According to historians, it has implications for looking to the future and praying for rebirth. I was inspired by these sculptures and started new work. I began to use simple lines to divide the face mask into many parts. This gives it a very interesting shape. Then, I created a total of eight different masks, all of them were made of wire cut to ensure that there was more space between the face and the mask while wearing them. In the future, I think all of us have to play the role of potentially infected people. I believe that humans will get rebirth in terms of the fight against Covid-19. And my work is one of the human actions against the coronavirus.

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