As a graphic designer, I design a poster to show that privacy information recorded by the digital tracker in China during cor-19 time should delete in post cor-19 time and hope viewers to think about the relationship between privacy, technology. Firstly by using photo collages and photoshop to create the overlapped doors to represent to compress privacy tracing information. And the green line running through the poster is not only a visual guide for people looking at the poster, but also crossing out all the Location and route information which is the privacy information. In terms of meaning of recyclable logo in context of China, the public is familiar with the special meaning of rubbish not the itself meaning. So I designed a bold green and three-dimensional “recyclable” logo inside the poster to express these crossed out information have to be thrown away as garbage in future. For society tracing individual route is relatively effective way to shorten the duration of the outbreak. My aspiration through this poster make viewers to reflect it exists a real potential risk of data that would be leaked and How our private information is protected and handled in post cor-19 time.

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