This project is a survey of the new normal of Halloween. Halloween is a very important traditional festival in western countries. Now because of the outbreak of COVID-19, the government has had to let people to stay at home to prevent infection. In many people's opinion, this Halloween will lose a lot of fun, but I don't agree with this opinion. People can also find a lot of fun at home. The bathroom and kitchen in these sketches were taken in my home, and the balcony is my friend's home. I used fake blood to paint the bloody hand prints and sprinkle the blood randomly. Due to the expiration and absence of some materials, this work did not achieve the ideal effect. The original plan was to make some prosthetics, but the plan couldn't go ahead because lacking of some material. A lot of fake blood was used to make this work. This material is hard to find in normal stores, but can be easily bought online. Mix food coloring with honey can make this material by myself. The work was done in the narrow bathroom.

My sketches

Pencil and fake blood

My final work

The work can be understood from different perspectives.

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