I love using textile to express my own opinions and feelings. During this special time I designed this special work to display the New Normal that we have to face everyday. My design combine a simple outline and bright color together to create contrast. In my work, I used the voile to express the feeling of being suffocated after the patients get the Covid-19. The small healthy lung on the left is protected by the facial masks. The threads here represent all the constrains we have to face in order to protect lungs. On the left corner, I put a tiny beam there to simulate the virus. It is so close to protection , that's why I need all these protections. Masks, social distancing are all the New Normals we need to adapt to. On the right side there is an infected lung. Some viewer think my work is very peculiar and interesting. The shape is realistic and the texture of the textile is versatile. All my inspiration comes from my real experience of protecting my health. Many people in my community and family members also offer me enough inspirations.

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