The theme of our project is new phenomena, which means new things in our lives or things we didn't have before. So I started to understand things around me. After the serious illness, our life gradually toward the online life. Network software is now a very important part of society, it can quickly access a lot of information and facilitate my life. In the process of investigating the express station, I found that the most humble and main space is the shelf and express bag. I can use these two objects to change the space. I started some of my attempts. List all kinds of online shopping goods, and divide them into five parts: clothing, food, housing, transportation, classified by color, and then printed on the express package.. It can not only raise the shopping needs of our family, but also show the state of our family in the recent period of time. The main reason is that this space is a function of exchanging things for things. If people have online shopping goods that they don't want or like, they can discuss with another family online to exchange similar color items and splice them with other objects.

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