This project is mainly from the first person to express the feelings and influence of the new normal on people. During this long epidemic period, Chinese students are the most deeply affected group. And I am one of them. This sudden situation isolated me from the outside world, and my original plans for studying abroad and traveling were postponed or canceled. I derived from this and described their lives and plans that had been disrupted through this magic cube. This is because Rubik's cube has two concepts: chaos and normality, and it can be repeated. This is a very suitable carrier for the theme of the new normal. In the process of creation, because my major is an illustration when I conceived this project, I didn't intend to create in other ways. But, after finishing this work, I realized that I was limited by this thinking. It is a better choice to express in the form of sculpture. In the future, I will try to use Rubik's cube and putty and other materials to restore this work, and use my other designs to make it into a series.

Break and Restructure

A cube of heads (which may seem abstract or disgusting)

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