I like to collect all kinds of things. During the outbreak, the family has piled up many masks, goggles, and protective clothing; in the most severe cases, people need to rely on this equipment to go out to buy daily necessities. After the outbreak, I wanted to turn the goggles I stocked up at home into treasure and make them a fashion item. The large frame gave me a lot of room to imagine, and I wanted to put the dried flowers on the goggles as an accessory. Dried flowers are in decline and can be maintained as they were after air-drying or special treatment. Dry flowers are the anxiety and anxiety that I think people had during this outbreak, and goggles are the hardship of the medical staff. The most potent backing during the episode was all health care workers. It also lets me know that everything becomes old and corrupt, and what I need to do is create the same new works for them and give them a new life.





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