This is a Sustainability Industry Project with the sustainable fabric supplier OFFSET Warehouse. Thousands of garment workers have died in tragic events while manufacturing in unhealthy and unsafe conditions in underdeveloped countries. My final garment mainly inspired by the Rana Plaza disaster reflects the relation between fast fashion and tough working conditions and aims to change consumer buying behaviour towards slow fashion to indirectly improve conditions at manufacturing sites. The polyester satin dress and the drapes are made of recycled plastic bottles and soft pineapple mulberry silk, respectively. Pina textile transforms into a vintage beige colour and gets softer over time. This durable material potentially makes the garment an heirloom piece, further enhances emotional connection and supports slow fashion. Clear plastic snaps covering the dress make it multifunctional and allow customers to create different silhouettes and add personal touches. The optional vest that can be incorporated with the drapes is made of Black & White Ramie Crossweave resembling the wreckage of a collapsed building. The stitched holes on it are inspired by the cracks of the collapsed Rana Plaza.

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