This project focused on concept development and art movements. I developed a concept that revovles around the notion of movement. My chosen art movement was 'Bauhaus'.

Visualisation of Movement

3D Experiment

I went to the Beyon Bauhaus exhibiton at RIBA Gallery. The triangle, square, circle wall inspired me to do some calico experimentation.

Shape & Silhouette Development, Rebecca Horn

I developed new shapes by combining Rebecca Horn's Body Extensions with the circle idea from the Bauhaus.

Triangle - Circle - Square

I performed more 3d experimentation with the Bauhaus shapes and did some live drawing from my draping session.

Triangle - Circle - Square

The previous draping session was diversified by adding a calico collar sample that I created for design development purposes.

Shirt Sleeve Draping

I found the shirt sleve pattern to be very geometric with its rectangulat bottom and circular top side. I used the it to drape on my body, which gave me new ideas for design development.

Itten's Yoga Method

After watching BBC's Bauhaus Rules with the Central Saint Martins students and them trying out different methods that were used in the Bauhaus Academy, I decided to try out one for myself. I made a research on Itten's (one of the professors) yoga method which he made his students do before every class.

Itten's Yoga Method

Itten believed this yoga session would bring together body, mind and spirit.

Itten's Yoga Method

This yoga session opened my mind and allowed me to be more creative, so I decided to do this every time I worked on this project.

Garment Research

This is a Quilted Bomber Jacket designed by Massimo Osti. 1993-1999. I reworked on this pocket style and used it on one of my shirts in the final collection.

Shirt Development

This is an example of my design process. I work on many ideas together and choose the best features to work on them again. It is an endless cycle of designing.

Final Line-Up [front]

Our task stated we can only design white shirts. That is why I created quite colourful trousers. I used tones of Bauhaus colours mainly and added orange and grey as additional colours. The main aesthetic is an active wear style which support the concept of "movement".

Final Line-up [back]


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