This was my first ever project at London College of Fashion. Although the project did not require any final collection/line-up and mainly consisted of research, I enjoyed learning new research methods that would feed into my desogn development. These pages exemplify elements of research & 3d experimentation and how these two can be brought together.

3D Experiment

With two white men's shirts I created new shapes and silhouettes, examined how the parts of the shirts could be changed to be used as unconventional designs. Here I mainly thought about the idea of the collar becoming a sort of belt/corset around the waist.

Rennes and Chainette by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Rennes and Chainette are two handcrafted curtains. Rennes features wide, diagonal and vertical, densely stitched stripes which intersect, creating eye-catching geometric forms. Where the stripes meet and overlap, shapes of varying transparency are created, which dissolve into each other. Chainette is embroidered with braids which follow the outline of the stripes of Rennes. The tactile braids give Chainette a discreet three-dimensional and playful character – and its name. Chainette means ‘little chain’ in French. These curtains inspired me to use handcrafted details on my designs. I showed this path I decided to take by stitching carefully on my sketchbook pages.

Combination of Research and Experimentation

This is an example of how I imagined I could bring together my primary and secondary research.

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