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Faux fur has increasingly become popular over the past years, with less consumers purchasing real fur items and less brands making real fur items. This is perhaps due to the trend changing as more and more people have become eco-friendly and now care about how their products affect the environment, and so try to avoid the products that do cause damage.

There has been a lot of scandals involving celebrities wearing real fur, as the most recent one is Kylie Jenner. The Kardashian-Jenner family are always involved in some drama, from Kim’s ‘Kimono’ collection and Kendall’s infamous ‘Pepsi AD’. However, it is now the youngest’s turn for a scandal. Kylie Jenner posted on her Instagram story about how the fires in Australia are affecting the wildlife, and how ‘more than half a billion animals in Australia’ have died caused by the fires and how it ‘breaks her heart’, her next story was a picture of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Homey flat mules’ which contains mink fur with the caption ‘baby pink toes’, she was then called out on Twitter, where many people showed their distaste to Kylie for her ‘ignorance’. One twitter user wrote “Kylie Jenner really thought she was doing something when she posted being heartbroken about half a billion animals dying in the Australia fires and then proceeded to post a picture of her Louis Vuitton real mink fur slippers.”. The slippers retail for £1,080.00 on the Louis Vuitton website.

Fast fashion brands have now participated in faux fur an example is Glamify Fashion, who sell lots of faux fur products. I asked one of their workers, Kylie Cassidy for her opinion on how faux fur is now the trend for everyday life, she says “faux fur being the way forward for the millennial generation. At the moment everyone is supporting the cruelty free movement with items from makeup to clothing. Faux fur is naturally cheaper than real fur, so people are able to still achieve the style without it having to be real animals. The quality of faux furs is just as good now for fur.”

However, Boohoo, a famous fast fashion brand had been exposed for advertising faux fur when it was actually real fur involved. [BBC] ‘The ASA upheld a complaint it received about a ‘pom pom jumper’ being sold by the online retailer. Tests by animal rights charity Humane Society International (HIS) found it contained real fur - likely to have come from a rabbit. Boohoo said it had a strong commitment against the sale of real fur. The ASA said it received a complaint from HSI, who claimed the advert was misleading. The charity had bought the faux fur pom pom jumper and commissioned a test which revealed it contained real animal fur.’

I asked some of my Instagram follower their thoughts on faux fur, which some of their responses were ‘you achieve the same look with faux fur as you would with real fur, only it’s without the cruelty’, ‘Eco-friendly’ ‘due to faux fur being available, there literally isn’t a reason to buy real fur anymore’.

PETA’s stance on faux fur is ‘Our goal is to reduce the sum total of animal suffering. For people who want the look of real fur, faux fur can be a good alternative. It’s important to note, though, that news reports have indicated that major retailers have been found selling real fur that was mislabelled as faux.’

Many influential people have now decided to wear faux fur, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Anna Wintour. [The Telegraph] ‘A Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed: “As new outfits are designed for the Queen, any fur used will be fake.” This first came from Angela Kelly who is the Queen’s dressmaker and revealed in her new memoir that If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm”. For Anna Wintour, she wore a Stella McCartney coat which, McCartney posted on her Instagram captioning it ‘Proud proud moment… Anna in #FurFreeFur Bio-based, recyclable and only found at Stella… sending a loud message to the industry that change is here. Keep up with the in crowd and shun real fur, it costs the lives of millions of innocent animals and there is just absolutely no need!’

I believe that all brands should have faux fur products, as there is now so many options to wear it as more and more brands are doing. A lot of independent brands such as Jakke are also known for their faux fur products, including coats that have ‘Vegan Vibes’ and ‘100% Fake’ om the back of them. They were ‘Awarded “Best Faux Fur Brand” in 2017 and “Best Wool Free Brand” in 2018’. Overall, more luxury brands need to start having faux fur products as more independent brands are and they’re becoming more popular, and so in order to stay relevant they need to stop using real fur.


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