((STANDFIRST: The highly anticipated music video for Harry Style’s Watermelon Sugar was released on the 18th of May.


Harry Styles’s has finally released his long-waited music video for his fourth single from his second album ‘Fine Line.’ The album had come out originally on the 13th of December 2019 and had received positive reviews globally, however the single was released on the 16th of November as a ‘promotional single’. The album had reached number 1 in 11 countries, and in the top 10 in 28 [Billboard]. He is also the first UK male artist to debut at no.1 with first two albums [Billboard].

The day before the music video was released, the official video teaser was uploaded to YouTube. It opens with a table with breakfast condiments, on the sunny Malibu beach, with the sound of waves crashing in the background. The man himself appears at the end, walking towards the table with a slice of watermelon, as he sits down the video cuts to a black screen, with ‘Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar’ with the date of ‘May 18, 2020, and the time zones underneath ‘9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm UK’. The teaser currently has nearly 3 million views.

The 3-minute music video was released the following day, which caused ‘#watermelonsugar’ to trend worldwide. The feel-good music video opens up with “This video is dedicated to touching, May 18th, 2020”, and continues to follow on from the teaser. In the video, Harry is with several models having a great time in the sun, even though it was filmed in January this year, as they relax, dance and enjoy eating watermelon. The video gives off retro feels as the video converts to a ‘vhs style’ of video which adds to that summer vibes. Throughout the video, various amount of watermelon and fruit are consumed sensually, as they frolic on the beach. Harry appears to be wearing Gucci clothing as well as vintage vests, with his obligatory Gucci sunglasses. The models appeared to be wearing bikini with classic denim shorts, which is perfect for the image he wanted to provide. On the whole, the music video provides a positive optimistic feeling in this current global climate for his fans and audience through this current time.

When the music video was posted, Harry posted a behind the scene image on Instagram, with the caption “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Practice social distancing. Watermelon Sugar Video Out Now.”

The music video currently has over 24 million views, with 1.9m likes. The song is now his fourth popular song on Spotify with 279,560,056 streams.
The song was written by Styles, Mitch Rowland, Tyler Johnson and Thomas Hull, who are common writers for the album.

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