'What would Carrie Bradshaw be wearing in quarantine?'

Article on what Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing in quarantine- four looks.

After spending the last few weeks in bed, along with the rest of the nation, watching copious amounts of trashy television, I decided it was about time I re-educated myself and rewatched all six seasons of Sex and the City- after all it is the only kind of education any single, fashion-forward, city girl needs aside from of course ‘The Sister Line’. Other than episode after episode of sexually explicit content, looking for love like that in the movies, expensive Choos and of course… bucket loads of cosmos I was repeatedly being drawn to Carrie’s eclectic style and ‘I couldn’t help but wonder’ what would Carrie Bradshaw be wearing in quarantine? So, this article is exactly that- Carrie’s top four quarantine outfits and how you can recreate them at home.

The first look is by far the simplest and probably what most of us are wearing at home- but rather than a baby blue cashmere shawl, the fluffy throw off the end of the bed. Carrie wore this outfit in season two of the show when she went to a restaurant and ordered a glass of wine by herself to prove that she was no longer single and fabulous? But instead, fabulously single. In this current time a strong act of independence is necessary while facing isolation. Shorey Andrews, freelance writer and self-confessed Sex and the City super fan, described this look as “casual, yet chic” and she said since “it’s all black, it is certainly a mood given the current state of things”- and that could be COVID-19 or “grieving another melodrama with Big.” When it comes to recreating this look it could not be simpler and it solely relies on using the basics in your wardrobe. We asked Shorey what her main tip would be to imitate this look- “The main goal here is to incorporate the colour with an accessory, as Carrie did with the scarf and if black isn’t really your jam, you could swap out for white or another solid colour of your choosing.”

Number two is another minimalist look and reflective of the current trending #️homecouture- raiding your boyfriend’s wardrobe (or dad’s) is your first port of call here. This look is iconic as it highlights how effortless it was for Carrie to pull of just about anything. Speaking to Stephen Leng, also known as @samanthajonespr on Instagram, he said “It's classic Carrie (and I'm not her biggest fan!) - but she's repurposed what would be quite hideous on most people and makes it look like something fashionable and chic. Although obviously if you saw someone wearing JUST this with no bottoms on at all in Manhattan you might think they'd been mugged.” Not only is this look the epitome of city chic but it is COVID-19 practical, as it covers the hands meaning you do not have to touch anything- perfect, since hand sanitiser is about as hard to come by as Chanel Velcro sandals. We asked Stephen his thoughts on recreating this look- “the look would be remarkably easy (to recreate). Over-sized white work shirt and a Hermes belt! Oh, and heels. For budget, make it a standard belt...”

Three is probably the most dressy and reflective of true spring style. Super girly and on trend with its bright floral print, this look is again easy to emanate as it only requires one piece- a flowery dress. For me this look would fall into the later stage of Carrie’s quarantine journey, as she can longer put up with dark tones and misses getting dressed up- something she is infamous for. Sara Zenui, the brains behind @sexandthecityquoted Instagram page, said she could see Carrie wearing this look “while calling Miranda for her usual venting session where she confesses that to stay sane, she has online shopped yet again for another pair of Manolos.” Sara’s primary tip for recreating any of Carrie’s looks was to “always start at the bottom”, “first think about which pair of shoes you want to wear and then begin to construct the outfit” around them.

The final look just should not work but it does- and oh so well. A mixture of clashing patterns and silhouettes, the elements of this look are so current. With everyone jumping on the ‘Tik Tok’ tie dying trend, these cut offs are the ideal quarantine outfit- also super, comfy and stretchy they are ideal for those at home workouts. Paired with the 90s style bandana, another trend infiltrating Instagram’s explore page, the look is the ideal balance of casual yet carefully combined. But what would Carrie be doing in this outfit? Not ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ for sure, since shopping is her only cardio. I asked Stephen how he thought Carrie would be exercising this look- “She'd be smoking too much, anxiously writing columns linking the virus to her dating life and panicking because she doesn't understand technology enough to do a Zoom call.”

Hoping on quarantine trends, going back to wardrobe basics, panic online purchases and melodrama with men- I think it is fair to say we have all already been obliviously recreating Carrie in quarantine and now we can go as far as duplicating her outfits. See page 12 and 13 for a style guide of pieces you can buy to recreate these looks. Oh, and a cosmo is certainly the only accessory you will need.

What would Carrie Bradshaw be wearing in quarantine?

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