This is a drawing I made for a project where we had to create a world. However we weren't allowed to draw it digitally. The main Image is the final result. The rest consists of some small sketches of the creatures that live in that world.

Oculus bush

Oculus bush (considered as a plant), stores a lot of water. However, if someone tries to cut it (in order to have some water), the oculus will sink into the earth and find a new spot. The sinking method is also used when it collects all the water from one specific spot.


3 meter tall mammal with giant claws and a tail made out of feathers . Herbivore (but very violent when mad). Usually found in the rare swamps of the canyon.

Vulcan tree with cacao fruit and needle weed.

The cacao fruits are a very healthy and nutritious source of food for all of the creatures who inhabit this region. The needle weeds aren’t just a part of the Vulcan tree. They are everywhere in this region. However they are very hard to digest for some stomachs. The vulcan trees are very common in dry territories.


Dangerous creature that inhabits the canyon. Carnivore. Lives mostly in caves, but is highly sensitive to vibrations from above (method used for hunting). Lives in hives. 4 meters long.

The Guardian

Not a common creature at all. This giant is considered a god of the canyon. Legend says that if you witness its rising from the blue mountains, you might be someone of great importance in the future.


This planet is called “Intactir”. A world that remains hidden from a tyrannous regime. The people who inhabit this planet in general don’t rely on technology. Their tools are basic and they use their surroundings as their home. Like our world, the south has a pretty dry climate, which is where we are going to set our scene. This region is mostly a dry canyon, but with a little bit of green. It is also the territory of the “floating”, a rare natural phenomenon on this planet which casually separates pieces from the earth and lifts them through the air. The result was a giant canyon, called “The deadly giant” due to its dangerous and sudden changes and its enormous void.

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