Fashion as an Indicator of Women’s Role in Society Through the Lens of Soviet Films Between 1953-1991

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This project is situated within cultural history and film study field and - Explores the relationship between the politics of the Soviet Union, official ideologies and everyday life shaping representations of women’s fashion and costume in Soviet films during three historical periods of Thawing, Stagnation and Perestroika - Studies the works of costume designers and their creative agency, in relation to the film narratives and changing political ideologies. - Investigates the fluidity of Soviet women’s roles in films, as well as in their everyday lives, throughout different periods. The Soviet Union was always an inspiring field for researchers. However, while the country remained behind the Iron Curtain, it was difficult to examine the field directly or objectively. The study of Soviet films has recently seen renewed interest in its field, and my research will greatly benefit from current scholarship whilst also taking it into a new direction by studying Soviet film costume as an indicator of Women’s societal role - creating a unique perspective, and novel knowledge. The research deploys Contemporary Cultural Criticism approach and utilises the methods of Archival research, Textual analysis and Oral testimonies.

Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession, 1973. [Film] Leonid Gaidai. Dir. Russia: Mosfilm

The Messenger Boy, 1986. [Film] Karen Shakhanazarov. Dir. Russia: Mosfilm

Carnival Night. 1956. [Film] Eldar Ryazanov. Dir. Russia: Mosfilm.

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