All creatures are designed by myself and I also created and applied all of the prosthetics.

Lady Clytemnestra (Short Film)

For this short film, I was the hair and makeup designer. I designed and applied this makeup. This makeup is a "skin peeled off" makeup but is designed to look not anatomically correct so that I can appear more cartoon-like. It's design is inspired by the Coraline animated film.

Female (2023) - One of the vampires

I was the hair and makeup designer for this short film. I created and directly applied all the prosthetics and makeup. This image shows the scar prosthetic that I had created for this character.

Female (2023) - Bite Prosthetic

I created silicone bite prosthetics out of one flat mould that I had made. This image is a still from the film which shows a bite prosthetic that I had made, applied and painted.

Female (2023) - Fresh cuts

I directly applied these cut prosthetics to the performer and added blood to create the appearance of fresh cuts.

Yubaba Reimagined

This was for a university project where I had to reimage a character for Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away film. I chose to redesign the character of Yubaba. All the prosthetics where design and created by myself. I also applied the entire makeup.

Yubaba Reimagined

This is a close up shot of my Yubaba makeup

The Listener

This was for a university project where I was to design a character from Liu Cixin's The Three Body Problem book. I decided to design the a Trisolaran Listener character.

The Listener


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