The Fake Beauty was one of the first individual projects that I directed, filmed, photographed, and styled. It was inspired by a series of photographs taken in North Korea by photographer Oliver Wainwright that convey a bizarre and mysterious atmosphere of the nation. While everything, including the people of the nation, is forced to act and look uniformly or flawlessly as everything is perfectly set up, I wanted to illustrate the genuineness within that “inauthenticity” in order to present contrasting imagery to the system. Through the portrayal of the twins that was styled differently from the others, such irrationality has indirectly delivered the idea of anarchism and expressed the message of finding one’s inner self. This is also the first film that really shows my interest and ability to produce moving images in a wide range of skill sets, which has also won me the official selection from the PARACHUTE LIGHT ZERO Film festival in Paris back in 2019.

The Fake Beauty

A Hung Jui Tsao's Film

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