Creating my 3D/4D project, a film, ‘Home Masterpiece’, I explored technologies such as time-based narrative, sound, film. In it, I interpreted my space, Paw Patrol Tent, as the feeling of peace derived from self-isolation. The film was displayed on the Paw Patrol Tent by a projector. Entering the Paw Patrol Tent is a symbol of coming back to the most honest, a bit infantile, a bit serious selves that we forgot about. Naming my film ‘Home Masterpiece’  means that I discovered the Paw Patrol Tent. I found the real meaning of peaceful home life and spotted how beautiful and creative it can be. Everyone is a child at heart and vice versa. Children can be more mature than adults realize. The grotesque hat concept makes the meaning of my film more prominent. Isolation had forced us to admire and take care of nature from the comfort of our homes. We cannot simply travel and see the world as we did previously. Although, our imagination can try to recreate this. It emphasizes how loneliness and being close with people feel. Also, those are two extreme sides of isolation.

Home Masterpiece

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