Intersection is an algorithm-drawn site-specific installation and dance performance based on the numerical digits of the Goldbach conjecture. It is an attempt to bring together concepts and disciplines that are seemingly distant and create one integral piece of work that is informed by all of them. It consists of a series of numericals assigned to triangular shapes and set next to each other by following an algorithm that dictates their behaviour when adapted to different shapes, similar to the way water behaves in various containers. The aesthetic of the work has been influenced by Anni Albers’ prints, using an assymetrical and systematic approach to the creation of the pattern. The floor piece was largely inspired by the idea of geometrical tiled floors in religious buildings and their role in interpreting divine worship. The dance performance by contemporary dancers and choreographers Miia Mäkilä and Lydia Touliatou aims to examine physical human behaviour when following the structure of an algorithm, by integrating the improvisational parsing of each line into a repetitive memory-based process.


Site specific performance and installation in Camberwell College of Arts

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